We support public policies that advance the interests of patients, improve public health and promote access to medicines and innovation.

We work to achieve our business objectives responsibly and respond to our many stakeholders' needs and concerns. We support policies that promote the discovery of innovative medicines and vaccines and make these products available to all who need them.

To advance this objective, we:

  • develop policy positions that guide our activities and advocacy on a range of issues;

  • seek opportunities to adopt industry-leading standards in several areas;

  • strive to communicate clearly and transparently about our positions; and

  • work closely with the many groups and individuals who are also trying to address the complex healthcare challenges that confront us.

Corporate Political Contributions and Merck Political Action Committee

Merck is committed to participating constructively in the political process. Government proposals to regulate the health care system may directly affect the Company's business and incentives for pharmaceutical innovation. Also, there are important policy initiatives that can further the company's goals with respect to increasing patient access to medicines and vaccines, and most importantly, to health care insurance coverage. It is appropriate for the Company to help inform the debate on these issues in the United States and in other countries. The primary means by which Merck engages in this debate is by communicating information to government officials. In the United States, Canada and Australia, the Company also provides corporate political contributions, primarily to the electoral campaigns of individual candidates.

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