Diversity Recruiting

Meeting the needs of our global customers begins with diversity in our labs – and in our halls.

Whether it´s in the lab or in the marketplace, our competitive advantage ultimately rests on creativity and innovation. To succeed, we must bring together talented and committed people with diverse perspectives – people who can challenge one another’s thinking, and can approach problems collectively, from multiple points of view.

That’s why we value and foster diversity in our workforce. For us, diversity is an integral part of our business practices. We begin with the simple premise that we need to hire and develop the best people, who together understand the varied demands of a global market. Because when our people achieve their best, Merck as a whole succeeds.

Celebrating Diversity

Our commitment to diversity doesn’t stop at hiring. We believe that encouraging diversity among our employees enhances communication, teamwork, and personal and professional development. We have a number of programs that promote and celebrate diversity of race, creed, ethnicity and gender and that provide networking opportunities for employees.

We also support several Global Constituency Groups. These teams, which include employees and senior leaders from around the world, focus on company-wide initiatives related to diversity and inclusion. Through these efforts, we are working to encourage diversity and inclusion in everything we do to benefit our customers and our company.

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