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Many employees have already demonstrated that they can move across functions to broaden their perspective throughout their career journey with MSD Caribbean. In our business, it doesn’t really matter what function you are in, success and progression is more dependent on YOU and your potential to take on new challenges, to continuously learn and to contribute to our business.


Professionals within MSD’s Sales group are the company's lifeline to the marketplace, forging links with physicians, hospitals and managed care organizations. Through one-on-one sales presentations, group discussions and educational programs, professional representatives present the latest in medical news and treatment programs. Whether they are discussing a new initiative to help physicians identify patients at risk of heart disease or new data on the treatment of early-stage HIV infection, professional representatives play an important role in communicating the benefits of Merck medicines. Professional representative positions are a common starting point in the Company for many employees.


More medicines are available today than at any other time in history, making it difficult for even the most experienced health care providers to stay informed. By developing educational materials, Marketing professionals at Merck help physicians learn about new treatment options and empower patients to make informed health care decisions. Marketing is structured around product teams.

A common development position is within promotion and market research areas. Other marketing positions include product managers, marketing managers, and directors, who create short-and long-term marketing strategies for Merck products and direct the design and execution of promotional strategies that support product growth.


Our goal is to improve and maximize Company profitability by integrating sound financial analysis into day-to-day management. It's our hard work and keen insight that helps limit financial risks and optimize returns. MSD’s Finance professionals are critical to the continued success of the business. Our work allows MSD to manage business and financial investments - and more importantly, support Merck to focus on the ultimate goal of developing and delivering life-saving medicines.

Human resources

Our HR team supports the recruitment, development and retention of talented employees. We work with managers and employees to ensure they have the skills, resources, and leadership ability needed to succeed and reach their full potential. At MSD, we have two goals: we focus on business performance and employee satisfaction - which means every employee has the ability to contribute to business goals while developing to his or her full potential.

As a member of the HR team, you support the organization and individuals in achieving individual competencies through Employee Development, Performance Management, Staffing and Succession Planning. You help create and promote a productive work environment through acculturation and retention, rewards and recognition, ethics, diversity/work environment, training and development, and employee communication.


As a member of MSD’s Legal team, you'll formulate solutions that enable the Company to compete effectively in the marketplace and to implement its business strategies promptly and efficiently. By appropriately managing legal risks and ensuring compliance with laws and internal policies, you can help protect the Company's reputation, intellectual property and other assets. In doing so, members of the Legal group promote the highest ethical principles, trust, challenge, and opportunity. These standards will continue to help us maximize individual career growth and team performance to the fullest potential.

Public & external affairs

As a member of the Public Affairs team, you'll help to create and support external environments that enable MSD to continue to innovate and to demonstrate the value of our products. You will achieve this by: developing and executing strategies that effectively communicate MSD’s abilities and achievements to the press, the financial community, customers, employees, policymakers and governments; and supporting the marketing of Merck's products and services.


Medical Services provides timely, resource-effective, focused medical and scientific expertise to our internal and external customers. Activities that support this mission include medical/product information, medical and health education, medical informatics and medical consultation. Medical/product information entails providing customized, personalized responses to all medical inquiries from healthcare professionals. Our service plays a key role in ensuring that field personnel are the best trained in the pharmaceutical industry and capable of responding to the needs of healthcare professionals.

Information systems and technology

Our goal is to deliver innovative and valued-added information technology services and solutions that enables MSD to achieve competitive advantage and productivity gains. We believe that the technological advances will support business innovation and will impact how we relate and do business with our clients. We need creative and innovative professionals with the enthusiasm to make the difference.

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